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Lead the food revolution.

Serve Texas smoked barbecue at your restaurant, bar, event or party… But do it right & serve the real deal. No bar, pub, restaurant or party should sacrifice the flavor, experience, satisfaction, or smiles of Texas smoked barbecue just because it’s cumbersome. Likewise, Parisians shouldn’t be stuck with fake American barbecue or the same old French menu options.

TexaQ smokes traditional southern mouthwatering barbecue, smoked low (temperature) & slow (up to 18 hours) with scented American woods so you can serve it to Parisians everywhere through your bar, restaurant, event or party.

Éveille leurs palais.
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Keep your customers, group, or friends enjoying their time with you by offering this unique tradition when hunger calls.

Bars, Pubs, Wine bars & Restaurants:
*Individual portions, vacuum packed
– an easy-to-serve plate: pair with simple sides
– no waste: heat up a portion when it’s ordered
– no cooking, just reheat in a bain marie or microwave
– continued use of your cooking appliances for other menu items
– diversified menu from competitors
– offer a seasonal or themed menu (“summer picnic” | “winter comfort food” | sports, pub, or American food)
– offer a plat du jour without extra effort (“barbecue Wednesdays”)

*Whole cuts of meat, vacuum packed
– serve large groups or special events without disrupting your normal kitchen/bar activities (sports events, tourist groups, business gatherings)
– use as an ingredient to add a unique twist to your own dishes (tacos, burgers, salads)

– cost savings: no highly experienced cooks or additional kitchen/service employees
– customers stick around to eat where they drink if given the option… barbecue pairs great with beer or wine
– vacuum packed products allow for longer and easy storage ready for use only when needed
– happy bellies, big smiles, return customers

Corporate & private parties:
– neither your boss’s caterer nor your black tie affair
– not your generic, mass assembled food
– Texan themed picnic/buffet style service OR option to have food dropped off hot & ready to serve
– and it ain’t just food, it’s an experience
– in the case of outdoor events, we can bring our smoker to add to the ambiance
– check out our event photos

Practices & process in photos
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Du barbecue fumé à Paris?
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Enflamme tes habitudes. Réduis tes concurrents en cendres.
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Prochaines étapes :
* Parcours notre menu pour découvrir la liste détaillée des différents plats de viande cuite au barbecue.
* Request a sample: available for delivery to your restaurant or bar upon request (for potential customers)
* Contact the Pitmasters to place an order, learn more about the smoking process in action, or discuss how we can help you serve this tradition.

Une viande lentement fûmée, vite servie! Toujours dévoré.

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